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Wireless Switches & Sensors


  Eltako manufactures wireless and batteryless switches and sensors based on the
revolutionary EnOcean technology. The devices transmit ultra short interference
proof 868MHz signals. Typically 20 - 30m range in buildings with brick walls. Up to
150m in open spaces.
Repeaters, Ethernet gateways or Powernet technology are available to extend the
range. Actuators/Receivers with bi-directional EnOcean Dolphin technology adds
additional features and flexibility.

Wireless & Batteryless Light Switches

EnOcean  Wireless Switches EnOcean  Q Design single Frames EnOcean Q Design dbl Frames EnOcean  Wireless flat push button EnOcean Wireless hotel card switch
Wireless switches
available in different colours. Also for moutning in double
& triple frames
Wireless switches
with Q Design
single frames
Wireless switches
with Q Design
double frames
Wireless low
cost one
channel switch
Wireless & batteryless hotel card switch for energy efficient room

Wireless & Batteryless Remote Switches

EnOcean FF8 Handheld wireless switch EnOcean Wireless hand-held switch Enocean Wireless mini hand-held transmitter Enocean mini wireless hand-held switch Universal remote
Wireless & batteryless hand-held switch transmitting 8 signals Wireless & batteryless hand-held switch transmitting
8 to 12 signals
Wireless & batteryless mini hand-held 8 channel transmitter Wireless & batteryless mini hand-held/ key ring switch Harmony One+E Universal remote
with the infrared converter

Wireless & Batteryless Sensors

EnOcean wireless motion and brightness sensors EnOcean wireless humidity & temperature sensors EnOcean Outdoor temperature and Humidity Sensor EnOcean Wireless smoke alarm EnOcean wireless window/door contact
Wireless & battery-
less motion &
brightness sensors
Wireless & battery-
less humidity & temperature sensor
Wireless & battery-
less outdoor
humidity/temp. & brightness sensor
Wireless battery powered smoke
alarm detector with built-in siren & low battery indication
Wireless window/
door contact

Power Meters & Transmitter Modules

EnOcean Single phase energy

EnOcean Three phase energy

EnOcean Wireless energy

EnOcean Single phase energy
Single phase energy
Three phase energy
Wireless energy
transmitter module
Single phase energy

EnOcean 2 Channel wireless transmitter module

EnOcean 8 Channel wireless

EnOcean 1 & 2 level
EnOcean Outdoor wireless repeater  
2 Channel wireless transmitter module 8 Channel wireless
transmitter module
1 & 2 level
wireless repeater
8 - 24 UC/230 VAC
Wireless outdoor
repeater, 230 VAC

Wireless Actuators

Enocean DB mounted actuators EnOcean built-in switches & dimmers EnOcean wireless cieling actuator
Types Available
Relay switches with selectable
timing functions
Dimmers for R, L & C loads up to 400 W. CFL & dimmable LEDs up to 100 W.
Dimmers with 1-10V output for constant light control
Heating/cooling relays
Blinds & roller shutter control
Mains disconnect relays
DB Mounted
relay switches &
Build-in swicthes & dimmers with
bi-directional communication
& repeater function
Wireless ceiling
mounted switches & dimmers with
bi-rectional communication & repeater function

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Powernet Communication

EnOcean wireless powernet connector EnOcean wireless powernet Meter connector
Wireless Connector
Extension of wireless networks using standard 230V power lines
Also settable as a repeater
Energy Meter Connector
3 inputs to transmit energy meter telegrams over the 230V power lines
Only 0.7 watt standby loss
Wireless Powernet
Wireless Powernet
Meter Connector

Visualization & Control Software FVS

EnOcean FVS Software EnOcean Blue Net Server
Control and metering software for installation on standard PC's
IP camera monitoring and motion detection capabilities
Remote access via smart phones
FVS Software Blue Net Server Internet access

Universal and LED Dimmers

LED Dimmer

LED Dimmer
LED DB Dimmer
Dimmer Features
Power MOSFET up to 400W. Energy saving lamps ESL up to 100W and LED up to 100W. Standby loss 0.1 watt only. With adjustable minimum brightness
or dimming speed. With switching operation for children's rooms and snooze function.
3 Selectable dimming curves for
230V LED lamps
Universal Dimmer
Incandescent 400W
ESL up to 100W
LED up to 100W
No min. load
Control voltage
8..230 V UC
ELD61/12-36V DC
LED Dimmer
For LED lamps
12-36 V DC
Control voltage
8..230 V UC
LED DB Dimmer
ESL up to 100W
LED up to 100W
TLZ delay off timer
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  Data Sheet...
  Data Sheet...
  Setting for some LED types...

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