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Room and Temperature Sensors

  THERMOKON is a well-known, medium-sized company located in the middle of Germany.
Thermokon was founded in 1987 and specializes in the production of sensors and
actuators for the building control technology and HVAC industries.

Wireless & Batteryless Room Temperature &
Humidity Sensors

EnOcean wireless sensors
Room sensors for heating, cooling and ventilation
Batteryless room sensor harvests it's own energy
through the solar cell for operating power
(Optional battery for rooms with insufficient light)
A signal is transmitted every 100sec (adjustable) or if
there are changes of 0,8K
Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm, 25mm high
Measuring ranges:
Temperature 0°C - +40°C
  Humidity 0 - 100 %rH
CO2 0 - 2000 ppm

Types Available
Room temperature sensor
Room temperature sensor with set point adjustment
Room temperature sensor with set point adjustment,
presence key
Room temperature sensor with set point adjustment,
presence key, fan speed switch
Room temperature sensor with set point adjustment,
Slide switch 0/I
Room temperature, CO2 humidity sensor

Wireless CO2, Temperature & Humidity Room Sensor

EnOcean wireless sensors The new combined CO2 sensor is designed for precise detection
of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and relative humidity
(optionally) in rooms and enables the control of the ventilating
system. By means of a LED-traffic light an increased CO2
concentration is recognized instantly and can be fought by a
calculated ventilation.

Measuring range CO2
Measuring range temperature
Measuring range humidity
0...100% rH
Power supply
15-24V DC (±10%) or 24V AC (±10%)

Optionally available
LCD to show CO2, temperature and rH,
Traffic light function (3 LEDs to show the CO2 concentration)

Wireless & Batteryless Temperature Sensors

EnOcean wireless sensors
Waterproof temperature sensors for harsh
Batteryless operation, powered by a solar cell
(Optional battery for rooms with insufficient light)
Has an accuracy of ±0.8K
Data logging every 100 seconds
Transmission intervals of every 100 seconds with
changes above 1.6K and every 1000 seconds with
changes above 1.6K
Measuring ranges from -20˚C - +60˚C
Protection rating IP65

Types Available
Outdoor temperature sensor
Duct temperature sensor
Cable temperature sensor
Pipe contact temperature sensor

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