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Wireless Energy Meter (e2)


The E² provides up to the second information on the amount of electricity
you are using in terms of power, cost and your carbon footprint.
Suitable for use with clip-on sensor or consumer unit transmitter.
Track energy usage on your PC.
Valid for single and dual tariff.
Transmission range of 50 - 95m.
New display makes it even easier to use.
Memory function.
Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & average data.
Single phase and 3 phase models available.
Simple to install & easy to use - no electrician needed.


How it works

Instant Mode

History Mode

Push the Mode Button to change information being displayed from kW
to cost/ h and kilograms of CO/ h.
Push the History Button to access
daily, weekly and monthly stored data

Push the Mode Button to change from kWh to costs and CO₂emissions.

Days, weeks, months
Push the history button to move from daily to weekly to monthly information.

Use the BWD and FWD buttons to scroll between days and compare.

eLink Software

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