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4-way Drop Connector


  Drop connectors provide a reliable, safe method of connecting field devices to the
bus cable. Protected drop connectors limit the current passing from the bus to the
drop leg to prevent fault conditions on the drop from affecting the bus. DIN rail
mounting is standard.


8 amp capacity
LED indicates bus power

Short circuit protection
LEDs indicate drop fault and bus power
Automatically resets when drop fault is cleared


LED displays Bus power on - green LED
Drop short circuit - red LED (protected)
Maximum voltage 35 VDC
Maximum current (trunk) 8 amp
Voltage drop (trunk) Negligible
Voltage drop (drop) Passive: negligible
Protected: 1 volt maximum
Trip current (drop) Passive: no trip current
Protected: 240mA
Holding current (after trip) Passive: n/a
Protected: 28mA
Reset current level Current falls below 28mA
Current consumption 2mA
Dimensions (L, W, H) 113mm, 47mm, 68mm
Housing Engineered resin
Operating temperature -40° to +80°C
(-40° to +176°F)

1 Rugged enclosure
This enclosure is constructed of durable, marine grade anodized aluminum with two
coats of epoxy. Optional clear polycarbonate cover enables observation of circuit status
without opening the enclosure.
2 Hazardous approval ratings
JM may be used in explosionproof and general purpose applications.
3 Quick access
Screw-on cover enables convenient access to the enclosure.
4 Vapor tight and submersible
Rated for IP67 and NEMA 4, 4X and 6, the JM withstands rigorous washdowns and
corrosive environments.
5 Wide variety of functions
Select from drop connectors, switched drop connectors, relay modules, I/O modules,
power conditioners, and special module configurations.
6 Compact design
JM's size minimizes space requirements for wiring and conduit layout.
7 Convenient wiring
Experience quick and secure wiring with the clearly labeled, top insertion terminal strips.

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