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Drop Connectors


StoneL offers a range of drop connectors for the various Fieldbus networks (Profibus PA,
Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, AS-Interface, DeviceNet) with a protection circuit on each
drop, ensuring that a short circuit on a drop will not affect the rest of the bus. A trip of
240 mA for AS-Interface and 40mA for PROFIBUS PA and FF isolates the drop from the
rest of the network, and visibility indicates the short by means of LED.

2-way Drop Connector

Passive, protected switched versions available
Protected drop connectors include a solid state circuit to
disconnect faulty slaves from the network
Automatically resets when drop fault is cleared
Enclosures available with various covers for the 2-way drop
connector, suitable for use in the most extreme corrosive
and hazardous process environments

4-way Drop Connector

Fieldblock enclosures available for the 4-way drop
connector designed to be used in general purpose &
non-incendive process applications
Network power status LED
Short circuit protection with LED indication
Disconnect switch

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6-way Drop Connector

Available with corrosion proof enclosure with hinged cover or  direct panel mounting
Short circuit protection with LED indications
LED indication for bus power
Automatically resets when drop fault is cleared
Disconnecting switch for each drop (optional)

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