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Fieldbus Networking Interface


  The spectrum of industrial communication technology today is very wide-ranging. It ranges
from fieldbus systems, up to the Ethernet with it's various Real-Time extensions and worldwide
access via the internet; from gateways and PC boards up to ASICs with the associated
operating system drivers, OPC Servers and configurators. Our aim is to offer these technologies
and products in a user friendly manner, on the highest level and to offer them more economically.

CIF - Communication Interface

All PC board format can be supplied
Identical 'easy to use' application for all leading fieldbusses
One driver for all fieldbusses
One configuration software
'Plug and play' kits for SCADA and soft SPSen of all
leading manufacturers

netLINK 50-MPI

Parallel MPI communication to 32 controls via 16 TCP/IP
RFC 1006 protocol for connection of visualizing systems
RJ45 Port with status LEDs
Ethernet connection with audio crossover and auto
Auto band rate detection
Power supply through the control or alternatively via
external 24V

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Gateways - netTAP NT 50

(NY 50-RS-EN)
Cost optimised compact design
1-port-Real-Time-Ethernet to Fieldbus serial RS232/422/485
to Fieldbus or 1=port-Real-Time-Ethernet
Ethernet service port
Integrated FDT/DTM based configuration tool
Suitable for OEMs
Slave to Slave, Slave to Master conversions

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PC independent Slot-PLC with PROFIBUS-DP Master port
IEC-61131 or STEP 7 compatible PLCs available
External 24V DC power supply
Battery-backup of volatile key process data
Memory-card slot for fast configuration exchange
Real-Time Clock

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