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Spiral Sleeves



The safety conditions to which all hydraulic components must conform represent a
critical factor when environmental conditions become very tough and adequate
protection is vital for component life. The plastic spiral is a plastic protective spiral
sleeve that has been designed, tested, and manufactured to offer to the end user
a product able to suit almost any field requirements.

General Specifications

Typical Cross Section

  Spiral Sleeve
spiral wrap cross section


The plastic spiral protection is a thermoplastic extruded spiral with a rounded external
surface, smoothed edges, and a ribbed internal profile for the protection and bundling
of hoses, cables, wires, or similar items.

Light, yet crush resistant
Stays in place on the hose without sliding
Spirals easily overlap offering greater protection
Excellent memory
Springs back when twisted and pulled

Technical Data

Property Specification Unit Value
Specific Weight ASTM D 792 gr./cubic-cm 1.27 - 1.29
Water Absorption ASTM D 570 Percent 2.2%
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D 785 R-Range 75 - 120
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 N/mm² 20 - 37
Elongation Break ASTM D 638 Percent 10 - 30%
Impact Resistivity (IZOD) ASTM D 256 Kg cm/cm >10
VICAT ASTM D 1526 °F 149° - 212°
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 257 OHM/cm 10 exp10 - 10 exp13

Property Description/Specification
Material Composition Cellulose acetate from wood pulp, with plasticizer added
Temperature Range -34°C - 85°C
Toxicity Non-toxic
Durability Great resistance to sun & atmospheric agents
Combustibility The product is not self-extinguishing. Speed of combustion at British Standard 1524-55 is 1 1/4" per minute

Spiral Protection Chemical Compatibility Chart

The information given in this chart should be used only as a guide. Our laboratory testing
cannot possibly duplicate all combinations of environmental factors or conditions present
during applied service. We also strongly recommend that you refer to the raw material
manufacturer's or supplier's Web site reference materials for more information.

Very Good Chemical Compatibility

Gasoline Oil Water
Ionic Metallic Solutions Superior Alcohols  
Mineral Oil Vegetable Oil  

Poor Chemical Compatibility

Acetone Ethyl Acetate
Chlorine Solvent Methyl Acetate

Chemical Compatibility Notes

1) [Water]: Product becomes more flexible after a prolonged exposure to
moisture or water
2) [Strong Acids]: Strong acids such as HCI may have some corrosive action
3) [Strong Bases]: Strong bases such as NaOH may have some corrosive action
4) [Inferior Alcohols]: Interior alcohols such as ethylic and buthylic alcohol may, after a prolonged immersion, expand the product but they do not act as a solvent

Size Chart - Fractional Sizes


Reference Size ID (Inches) Pitch (Inches) Weight (pounds) Available Length
PSA 06MP06 0.25 0.25 0.7 12m
PSA 06MP09 0.37 0.25 1.5 12m
PSA 13MP12 0.50 0.5 2.5 12m
PSA 13MP16 0.62 0.5 3.1 12m
PSA 16MP19 0.75 0.62 3.7 12m
PSA 16MP25 1.00 0.62 4.6 12m
PSA 25MP28 1.10 1.00 7.2 12m
PSA 25MP35 1.38 1.00 9.2 12m
PSA 35MP47 1.75 1.4 20.7 12m
PSA 35MP65 2.56 1.4 14.6 12m
PSA 35MP80 3.15 1.4 22.2 12m
PSA 35MP100 4.00 2.00 20.7 12m
PSA 50MP150 6.00 2.00 15.0 12m
Note: The weight specified is the approximate weight per piece at standard length in pounds

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