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Heat & Fire Resistant Sleeves


  Thanks to the use of high-quality, high-resistance materials,
Mazzer Shiltek™ protective sleeves are the protection product
of choice in a wide variety of industries and applications such
as aerospace, automotive, pulp & paper, glass production
industries, mining, smelting, or steel production, where the
degree of insulation and fire protection become fundamentally
important in assuring global plant reliability.

Easy to assemble, Shiltek™ also assures solid protection from reflected or inducted heat. 
Heat & Fire Resistant Sleeve
Free from sea water corrosion, Mazzer Shiltek™ is the ideal solution for protecting flexible
hoses or cables in any marine application such as those located inside the engine bays of
sea-going vessels or ships.

Shiltek™ is constructed of a special fibreglass braid and coated with a silicone rubber layer,
which is compounded to assure compatibility with all commonly-used solvents and lubricants.

Shiltek™ slides on the hose very easily and is available in iron oxide red colour as shown.


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