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Stripping Tools


  After cutting a cable, it is necessary to prepare it for further processing or for crimping
operation. For this purpose a pre-defined length of cable insulation is removed. In order
to ensure efficient removal of the insulation, LEONI has developed special ES cables,
wherefore the matching Leoni Stripping tool is offered. Blade intervals and cutting depths
are already preset, allowing two stage stripping of the outer jacket and braided shield in
a single step.


Stripping Tool Special PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet cables designed by
LEONI can be prepared easily, quickly and safe with our
matching stripping tool for the connection of PROFIBUS and
Industrial Ethernet connectors. Thus, the former two-stage
stripping operation of outer jacket and braided shield can be
done in one operation. 

The blade intervals and cutting depths are already exactly preset
for the PROFIBUS- and Industrial Ethernet cables (Easy to strip
types) ensuring uniform stripping results – without damaging the conductor but with guaranteed precision and speed.

1. Determining the stripping length
The centimetre scale on the tool will help you measure the length. Add 7mm to the stripping length specified the manufacturer's instructions & use the tip of your thumbnail to mark it.
6. Removing scrap
After you've opened the clamp you can remove the scrap.
2. Inserting the cable
Insert the length of cable you have measured into the stripping tool using your thumb as a guide. Close the clamp by turning the dial. For best results, first click the dial by 2 notches.
7. Slitting the plastic foil
To remove the remaining plastic foil from the cable. slit the foil with a small flat screw driver.
3. Stripping the cable
Rotate the stripping tool twice around the cable in the direction of the arrow. Close the clamp completely and rotate the stripping tool twice more around the cable.
8. Removing the plastic foil
The protective foil you have cut can now be removed easily. You can then attach the section of cable you have stripped to the connector.
4. Removing the cable
Pull the stripping tool lengthways away from the cable. Avoid tilting the tool as this could damage the wires inside.
Exchanging the blade cassette
a) We recommend using a small flat screw driver to open the blade cassette compartment. especially if the tool is new.
Warning: Risk of injury
5. Results after removal
If the results are not satisfactory, it is possible that the blade cassette needs to be rotated or replaced.
b) Both sides of the PROFIBUS blade cassette can be used. Remove the cartridge. rotate it vertically by 180° and then put it back into place. When working with PVC sheaths, the cartridge should be replaced after it has been used approx 3000 times. In the case of PUR sheaths, 300 times.

Stripping Tool for AS-Interface

Appropriate to:
AS-Interface profiled cable
Jacket: 2x1x1.5mm²
Rugged design
High endurance through tempered and grinded tool-steel blade
Cost efficient through exchangeable blade set
Longevity through metal body
Multi- purpose use:
The tool can be used with AS-Interface variants TPE, PUR and C12
Outer jackets and core insulation can be stripped with one tool (see pictures)

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